Monday, June 10, 2013

Nothing Can Save You!...Except not going (but don't do that).

On July 12th my extremely talented friend Jeanne D'Angelo and I are having an art show,!  I'm sure most of you who look at my blog are already familiar with Jeanne's work but if you are not, look RIGHT HERE!  Awesome right?

Above is a little sneak of some of the pieces I've done so far and if you want to follow along as we work on new stuff you can look here at Jeanne's Instagram feed and over here at mine (just tell all of those pesky cats to get out of the way)!

There's going to be an event page set up on Facebook with all the gruesome details about the show in a few days which you can find out about...

...HERE!! on my FB page or on Jeanne's.  Thanks dudes!

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