Thursday, April 23, 2015


Just not here anymore.  For some time I've had a website of my own but it was hard to clear off of Blogger since the site is so easy to use and I'm not on the friendliest terms with computers or navigating css, html, and whatever else the interet throws my way.  So this blog now lives in what will be it's final resting place, as it were, over at  Thanks for following along here and hopefully I'll see you all again over there! For my first trick on the blog in it's new home I posted about a really exciting group of projects coming in 2015 from the stellar zine publisher Seventh Church Ministires.  See you on the other side! Take care gang!

P.S. You can still check out my comic as it updates regularly on Blogger, there is a link for it on my website as well including newly uploaded images of the cover for the (soon to be) hot off the press Ovoyyamar book 3!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Back in 2012 I made this comic for a group show in Philadelphia to benefit the World Wildlife Fund.  The title comes from the term saht-supahp which in Laotian means "the polite animal", a term by which, because of it's quiet nature, some in Lao refer to the saola, the subject of this comic.  The saola is an extremely rare and critically endangered species found in Vietnam and Laos.  A couple years late in posting the comic online I guess but never too late to care about animals.  Here's a link that takes you to the WWF page regarding the saola.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Made Some Music!

I made most of this music about a decade ago after my mom died. It was a nice outlet to occupy my time and mind. Aside from the diversion it was fun and I enjoyed the process of making it. All of it is far from perfect and most of the songs are little more than unfinished attempts. In any case they are what they are, just weird little songs, and I've grown rather fond of and even quite proud of some of what is here, particularly the tracks 'Granger', 'Priz', and 'Droz.' Hope you like them!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Digital A

So going on about fifteen years ago or so I made this little character called "Digital A", so called because his face was a  pixelated style, lower case letter a.  I designed him as simply as I could after seeing some old documentary about Mickey Mouse and how his design is basically a handful of circles.  A few years later I made several comics of the adventures of Digital A and his cohorts, all of whom have special abilities.  The comics are all pretty simple with nothing really fancy going on (except a's nemesis Fancy T, because on his face is a lower case Times New Roman letter t which I thought would be the perfect antithesis to the more modern and simple digital a) but they were a good way to teach myself how to make my own comics.  They were fun to make and I thought it would be fun to share them here.  If nothing else they have a nice finky humor and a lot of Bugs Bunny gags.  The following story is the best of the lot. I'll try and post a few of the others in the future when I get a chance.  Anyway, here goes!…   

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sketch Madness!

I thought it might be fun today to go through a few of my boxes of loose sketches and I was right, t WAS fun!  I always love getting to see sketches and unseen works from my favorite artists including my friends.  So here are the best failures, castaways, works in progress I'll never finish, paintings that didn't turn out how I'd imagined, weird sketches and this and that that comes and goes across my art table.  (Bonus points for spotting the cartoons of my super cool dog Jeff!)  Maybe someday I'll go through my actual sketchbooks and upload some of that stuff too! Anyway, here we go…

This first group was to be a lead in to a dream sequence for the comic I'm working on.  I hadn't officially begun the comic and was just trying to get this down to remember it but it, like so much else, was abandoned. 

Most of the time when I sit down to paint I don't know quite what I'm going to do and often don't sketch even a rough design so I'm flying blind.  This results in having at least as many paintings fail as succeed.  But I like working this way, otherwise I feel I'd get bored after drawing the idea out a second or third time.  It's also fun because I surprise myself sometimes with the direction the painting will go in.

(the above was for a fake book cover for Frankenstein!)

For the next group I would paint a dozen or more basic figures in black and white or gray scale and then go back through and add features.

Next are some sketches for an illustration of H. P. Lovecraft's Randolph Carter character for my friend Michael Bukowski's very awesome Yog-Blogsoth blog, specifically the Guests in the Witch House series which featured guest artists.  You can check out the final design here.  As you'll see the idea was taken in quite a different direction.

These are sketches of my character design for the incredible Jenn Woodall's upcoming zine FIGHT!

The rest are a mish-mash of sketches for paintings for shows, action figure designs, Madball designs, character designs for comics, t-shirt designs, and finally text designs for the shop headers for Twamies and Medusawolf both of which I run with the wonderful and talented Kati Driscoll.