Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lucifer, Grant Me the Powers of: Alex Toth!

Alex Toth, an illustrator who worked in comics during the 1940's and 50's on titles such as The Flash and Green Lantern, is also known for the storyboard and design work he generated for the Hannah-Barbera animation studio during the 60's and 70's. It is for this latter part of his career that I would summon the powers of darkness to be able to draw as well as he. So distinct, clean, elegant and effortless looking. You don't draw like this without putting in your time at the grindstone. They just don't make'em like Toth anymore. Here is a little taste with links to follow to view some more of his magnificent work!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buy Some Damn Art!!

Buy Some Damn Art has just begun my week long show on their site! These were fun to paint and I am very excited an honored to be one of the first artists to be a part of this awesome online gallery! Thanks BSDA!

here are some photos of these works in progress and our cat kevin:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Buy Some Damn Art Article on Design Sponge

Buy Some Damn Art has finally opened and they were featured on Design Sponge yesterday! The current show is really great so check them out, they'll be up until Nov. 6th. I'm not sure when my show is going to be yet. Maybe next week? Very soon, and in any case every Tuesday at noon a new show will begin featuring six pieces of original work from one or two artists! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to show here and to be one of the first! Thank to you Kate Singleton and Jennifer Davis for getting me involved!

Friday, October 28, 2011

La Résistance

Today I watched a film I'd never seen, "The Day of the Jackal". The film begins with the image of what I later (after the movie) learned is called the Cross of Lorraine. Chosen in response to the Nazi swastika, during World War II It became the emblem of the Forces Françaises Libres who wore them on armbands which featured the cross in the center of the French flag.

Anyway, I really liked the movie. Inspired by the film and the new things I learned about French resistance fighters i came to paint this owl. (makes sense) I painted a sort of cutesy owl the other day. I liked it but i was struggling with new ideas for greeting cards and was disappointed that all i could come up with was ANOTHER OWL! I decided to put a dead mouse in it's mouth so it would be a little harsher, a little uglier, what the Mac English to French computer translation program would call "plus laid". I just didn't want to paint another owl for people who like owls. owl people. I like owl people but owls don't. Owls want to kill things and eat them. And yes, sometimes owls want to liberate there forests, like my fellow featured here. They are tired of my crappy-cute owls.

Holiday of the Kreepz

I'm glad I was fortunate enough to learn of Krampus as a young adult. Believing that one of these lovelies would come into my house as the holidays neared for talking back to my mom because I refused to drink the disgusting warm milk that had been poured and left out an hour before dinner would've been too frightening for a kid who was already certain there were monsters who were more than willing to grab my feet as they dangled off the side of my bed any night of the year. A monster that is only going to show up for the holidays is bound to give you something special in the terror department. No thanks Krampus. No thanks.

This is from a set of hand painted post cards Kati and I are working on for our shop and for Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly 12.11.11:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Night of the Kreepz!

I'd been watching any movie with "the Living Dead" or "of the Dead" in the title. I guess that's part of what inspired these folks. So many freebies on the Youtubes to have in the background as I paint! I just realized that the title of this post is a little peculiar if you take into account that I've never seen "Night of the Creeps". I just don't think of this lot as zombies, they ARE kreepz!

There has got to be a band with the name "Headhunters". After brainstorming fake metal band names for about 30 minutes this was the best my poor streamed-video frizzled brain could muster. Note for bands: replace your S's with Z's to make it official!

These should be available soon (originals and prints) on my Etsy shop!