Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alien-A-Day March 27th

Country singer and Las Vegas entertainer Johnny Sands encountered two of these miserable old cusses out in the desert. They asked him a few questions and when Jerry said that he didn't understand what they meant by one of them, the alien got all irritated and yelled at him!

Alien-A-Day March 26th

A police officer witnessed a UFO and experienced missing time. Under hypnosis he was able to describe the aliens and his experience. They took him on a tour of their ship and said they'd return and show him the universe!

Alien-A-Day March 25th

two of these little guys got out of their ship and floated around a man's car in the middle of the road and then...left!

Alien-A-Day March 24th

While on patrol near a farm a cop caught two of these aliens stealing oranges from a grove of trees! He had a brief conversation with a female alien, who he believed to be their leader. Then, they took their oranges and left. The best!

Alien-A-Day March 23rd

This alien took a reverend to an underground complex where their were lots of other aliens. They had lunch together!

Alien-A-Day March 22nd

A husband and wife witnessed a boomerang shaped UFO flying around over the woods nearby. The husband went into the woods to check things out and encountered a wolf like alien, who he then shot at to no effect.

Alien-A-Day March 21st

Two teenagers were abducted by these aliens from the camp they worked at while sitting on a dock one evening.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alien-A-Day: March 20th

Four men were hunting in the early hours near Guadiamar River when they came across a large, jar-shaped craft with a bright red light on top of it. An almost 7 foot tall being was standing in front of the craft. It began to approach the men, who then fled in fear!

Alien-A-Day: March 19th

This nine foot tall alien landed in a craft outside of Voronezh, along with a robotic escort. A crowd of locals had been observing the beings. The alien zapped a young boy with some sort of beam causing him to vanish. The alien then took off in it's craft and the boy had reappeared.

Alien-A-Day: March 18th

Three kids were playing near their school one night when they noticed a large square object passing slowly over a field in a nearby park. a red beam descended from the craft and the kids watched 2 figures in yellow suits, one wearing some sort of cape walk towards a nearby building and disappear. The kids then noticed a women wearing blue fur around her neck moving, kind of in slow motion, across a parking lot nearby. She pointed up to where there was another square craft in the sky and she moved off toward the same building as the other beings. She supposedly vanished when cars drove by and then would reappear. Wierdos!

Alien-A-Day: March 17th

On his way home after work, crossing through an abandoned railroad yard, a man saw a flash of light which momentarily blinded him. He soon realized that he couldn't move. He noticed that he was rising from the ground when he fell unconscious. He woke to find himself inside of a sphere-shaped room and he was soon accompanied by three creatures that slid down into the room through some hatch above. They immediately started pulling out tufts of the mans hair with their suction-cup laden arms!! He again fainted and awoke in the grass near a busy highway. Soooo bizarrrrrreee!!

Alien-A-Day: March 16th

Three young men found themselves surrounded by five or six of these creatures while camping in the mountains. One of the men walked up and touched one of the beings and it ran off into the brush, tearing a path with it's sharp claws. The aliens remained surrounding the campers until, at sunrise, the campers made a dash for their car and escaped!

Alien-A-Day: March 15th

One evening, through binoculars, a couple watched this being, along with a lizard-like alien and two smaller creatures in silver space suits abduct an cow from a field across from their farm!

Alien-A-Day: March 14th

A 15-year-old boy was taking care of sheep outside of his village when he saw a ball of light that was brighter than the sun descending from the sky. The light changed shape into a rocket form and landed. Three beings got out, all of whom looked exactly the same save one of them having female features. One of the aliens reached out and stunned the boy, knocking him out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alien-A-Day: March 13th

This being was encountered by family in and around their home after a UFO was seen descending into the nearby woods one evening. Later that night, just after going to bed, one of the children called out from upstairs claiming that a white figure had been standing at the foot of his bed and reached out at him. After comforting the boy and telling him to go back to sleep, the dad heard a noise from the next room, went to investigate and then heard a knocking against the window. He watched the creature the boy had described sitting on the roof about three feet away, and than again moments later at the downstairs door. The next day the man realized he was being observed by the same being while he chopped wood near the house. The creature was witnessed at least seven more times in the area.

Alien-A-Day: March 12th

Two seven year old kids were roller skating when they observed 2 UFO's flying overhead. They watched as one of them landed and knocked over two concrete pillars in a nearby vineyard. One of these beings emerged from the ship and tapped one of the boys on the shoulder which scared him so bad he fainted. Frightened, the other boy slung his bud over his shoulder and ran home and told their mothers what happened. The moms watched the craft for about 5 minutes before it took off again.

Alien-A-Day: March 11th

These dudes invited a guy aboard their saucer while they were parked in front of his house to make repairs. During his tour of the ship he noticed the smell of "rotting grass" and watched a bunch of little creatures crouched on the floor around some weird pool of black, bubbly oil that shot red light beams all over. Then, a ball of orange light darted about the room and the spacemen politely informed the man that they had a "space bug" onboard and that he would have to leave now. He watched red flames shoot out of the bottom of the craft as it took off into the sky! I hope those poor suckers made it okay.

Alien-A-Day: March 10th

Fifteen separate witnesses, including two police officers watched a UFO fly over a housing project on October 10th. The next night, in an area nearby, on the Pascagoula River, two men were abducted by these creatures while fishing and taken aboard the alien craft.

Alien-A-Day: March 9th

Three girls saw a creature like this crouched by a wall in their neighborhood. They ran home and told their mom that they had seen the devil! Several of these beings were seen by other people in the area. It is said that the military became involved and chased some of the beings into the woods, witnesses then heard gunshots and watched as soldiers carried out bags, one of which had something inside that was squirming around. Supposedly this incident caused the death of one young soldier, who was exposed to some strange radiation related to being within too close a proximity to one of the creatures.

Alien-A-Day: March 8th

Two creatures of this type hitched a ride through the woods on a man's horse drawn cart. They led him to their craft and examined him. They are described as being rather pleasant fellows.

Alien-A-Day: March 7th

A personal security guard encountered several beings that looked (something) like this creature while on duty on two seperate occasions. The witness described the beings as having undulating skin, creepfest!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alien-A-Day: March 6th

On October 9th, 1954, in two towns seperated by nearly 400 miles, encounters occurred involving very similar creatures. Three kids were roller skating in the village of Moselle. A UFO landed near them and they watched as a small, furry alien in black robes like a cassock came out and spoke to them in a strange language. The kids ran off, watching behind them as the craft took off, the departure of which was spotted by another villager.

The same evening in the town of Lavoux, a cyclist claimed to have seen a shiny-eyed, hairy creature wearing what he described as a diving suit with 2 bright headlights on the front of the body, one above the other. It disappeared into the woods.

Similar creatures were reported nearly two months later in Venezuala in an event that involved a truck driver who got into a physical confrontation with several of the beings. During the scuffle the man pulled a knife and struck at one of the creatures but the thick hair on the aliens body was so dense that the blade glanced off as if it struck metal. After momentarily blinding the man with a beam of light the creatures took off in their craft.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Alien-A-Day: March 5th

This creature is called the Flatwoods Monster, also, the Phantom of Flatwoods. Three kids watched a ufo land on a nearby farm. They went home, told what they saw and then returned with several people including the mother of two of the boys and a friend who was a national guardsman. They got to the sight and saw a large, red, pulsating ball of fire and soon the creature appeared, hovering toward them (it floats in what was described as the back end of a rocket and is usually drawn to look like it is wearing a big metal trash can from the waist down) and making hissing noises when illuminated by a flashlight from the group. It was reported that it emitted a kind of gas cloud that made everyone feel sick. It was also seen by other people in the area around the same time and some of the sightings speak of a lizard-like creature that hovers around in the same kind of small, wearable craft. Pretty weird stuff. I hope I never have a run in.

Alien-A-Day: March 4th

Man, where to start with this one. The story goes that a crew of these fellows showed up at a farm and abducted a man, Antonio Villas Boas, taking him aboard their craft. He was taken to a room, stripped, and made to wait. An alien woman showed up without her clothes on and they did, Afterward he waited around, watching some of the beings talk, and tried to steal what he thought was a clock before they stopped him. Then they let him go.

Boas went into great detail about his experience. There are other witnesses including his brother, who, together, watched a ufo the night before, and a doctor who examined Boas afterward because he was all blistery and radiated and stuff.

Alien-A-Day: March 3rd

These guys were described as being mummy-like, the color of sand with the texture of a towel. The legs seemed to be fused together as well as the fingers on both hands, the thumbs were seperate.

Alien-A-Day: March 2nd

62 kids saw this sucker near their school. Their were supposedly two beings. Some of the kids claim that at least one of the creatures had long black hair covering the back of his head and down it's back. The case is well documented, with a bunch of illustrations from the kids!