Thursday, March 27, 2014

Digital A

So going on about fifteen years ago or so I made this little character called "Digital A", so called because his face was a  pixelated style, lower case letter a.  I designed him as simply as I could after seeing some old documentary about Mickey Mouse and how his design is basically a handful of circles.  A few years later I made several comics of the adventures of Digital A and his cohorts, all of whom have special abilities.  The comics are all pretty simple with nothing really fancy going on (except a's nemesis Fancy T, because on his face is a lower case Times New Roman letter t which I thought would be the perfect antithesis to the more modern and simple digital a) but they were a good way to teach myself how to make my own comics.  They were fun to make and I thought it would be fun to share them here.  If nothing else they have a nice finky humor and a lot of Bugs Bunny gags.  The following story is the best of the lot. I'll try and post a few of the others in the future when I get a chance.  Anyway, here goes!…   

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