Thursday, April 23, 2015


Just not here anymore.  For some time I've had a website of my own but it was hard to clear off of Blogger since the site is so easy to use and I'm not on the friendliest terms with computers or navigating css, html, and whatever else the interet throws my way.  So this blog now lives in what will be it's final resting place, as it were, over at  Thanks for following along here and hopefully I'll see you all again over there! For my first trick on the blog in it's new home I posted about a really exciting group of projects coming in 2015 from the stellar zine publisher Seventh Church Ministires.  See you on the other side! Take care gang!

P.S. You can still check out my comic as it updates regularly on Blogger, there is a link for it on my website as well including newly uploaded images of the cover for the (soon to be) hot off the press Ovoyyamar book 3!

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