Thursday, October 27, 2011

Night of the Kreepz!

I'd been watching any movie with "the Living Dead" or "of the Dead" in the title. I guess that's part of what inspired these folks. So many freebies on the Youtubes to have in the background as I paint! I just realized that the title of this post is a little peculiar if you take into account that I've never seen "Night of the Creeps". I just don't think of this lot as zombies, they ARE kreepz!

There has got to be a band with the name "Headhunters". After brainstorming fake metal band names for about 30 minutes this was the best my poor streamed-video frizzled brain could muster. Note for bands: replace your S's with Z's to make it official!

These should be available soon (originals and prints) on my Etsy shop!

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