Friday, October 28, 2011

La Résistance

Today I watched a film I'd never seen, "The Day of the Jackal". The film begins with the image of what I later (after the movie) learned is called the Cross of Lorraine. Chosen in response to the Nazi swastika, during World War II It became the emblem of the Forces Françaises Libres who wore them on armbands which featured the cross in the center of the French flag.

Anyway, I really liked the movie. Inspired by the film and the new things I learned about French resistance fighters i came to paint this owl. (makes sense) I painted a sort of cutesy owl the other day. I liked it but i was struggling with new ideas for greeting cards and was disappointed that all i could come up with was ANOTHER OWL! I decided to put a dead mouse in it's mouth so it would be a little harsher, a little uglier, what the Mac English to French computer translation program would call "plus laid". I just didn't want to paint another owl for people who like owls. owl people. I like owl people but owls don't. Owls want to kill things and eat them. And yes, sometimes owls want to liberate there forests, like my fellow featured here. They are tired of my crappy-cute owls.


  1. The cross of Lorraine was also carried by Jeanne D'Arc! Also I love this owl. Also I just found your blog. Hi!

  2. I did not know that! Thanks! + Yay!! Hi Jeanne!