Monday, March 5, 2012

Alien-A-Day: March 5th

This creature is called the Flatwoods Monster, also, the Phantom of Flatwoods. Three kids watched a ufo land on a nearby farm. They went home, told what they saw and then returned with several people including the mother of two of the boys and a friend who was a national guardsman. They got to the sight and saw a large, red, pulsating ball of fire and soon the creature appeared, hovering toward them (it floats in what was described as the back end of a rocket and is usually drawn to look like it is wearing a big metal trash can from the waist down) and making hissing noises when illuminated by a flashlight from the group. It was reported that it emitted a kind of gas cloud that made everyone feel sick. It was also seen by other people in the area around the same time and some of the sightings speak of a lizard-like creature that hovers around in the same kind of small, wearable craft. Pretty weird stuff. I hope I never have a run in.

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