Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alien-A-Day: March 6th

On October 9th, 1954, in two towns seperated by nearly 400 miles, encounters occurred involving very similar creatures. Three kids were roller skating in the village of Moselle. A UFO landed near them and they watched as a small, furry alien in black robes like a cassock came out and spoke to them in a strange language. The kids ran off, watching behind them as the craft took off, the departure of which was spotted by another villager.

The same evening in the town of Lavoux, a cyclist claimed to have seen a shiny-eyed, hairy creature wearing what he described as a diving suit with 2 bright headlights on the front of the body, one above the other. It disappeared into the woods.

Similar creatures were reported nearly two months later in Venezuala in an event that involved a truck driver who got into a physical confrontation with several of the beings. During the scuffle the man pulled a knife and struck at one of the creatures but the thick hair on the aliens body was so dense that the blade glanced off as if it struck metal. After momentarily blinding the man with a beam of light the creatures took off in their craft.

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